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  • 丝印生产厂家-丝网印刷 丝印生产厂家-丝网印刷


  • 柯式烫画厂家-升华转印 柯式烫画厂家-升华转印


  • 柯式烫画厂家-柯式转印 柯式烫画厂家-柯式转印


  • 烫钻加工厂家 - 烫 钻 烫钻加工厂家      -      烫      钻


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Fives advantageFaster, more efficient, quality and quantity, on time delivery


Professional design

Screen printing manufacturer, we have a group of more than 500P thick book publishing industry for many years experienced designers, professional and comprehensive printing solution

Advanced equipment

Offset press manufacturers, color uniform (for thick samples have a higher value of the same color printing color requirements, we use imported printing equipment with memory function)

Network printing

Screen printing manufacturers, hectograph print factory, stone processing factory, the "single line" + "line factory" for printing has become more convenient, more standard, the price is more transparent, more punctual delivery.

Perfect quality

Screen printing manufacturers, hectograph print factory, stone processing factory, we passed five prepress strictly for release, will check on the text, images, color printing process; next, each one must go through quality inspection, each procedure has inspection, greatly reduce the printing error rate risk



Quality service

Offset printing factory, professional customer service personnel to service, 24 hours of quality complaints, regular customer visits.

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cooperation processGrasp every detail, perfect presentation

  • 烫钻加工厂家
  • 烫钻加工厂家
  • 烫钻加工厂家
  • 烫钻加工厂家
  • 丝印生产厂家
  • 丝印生产厂家
  • 丝印生产厂家
  • 丝印生产厂家

about usTo the spirit of craftsmen to do the product to the production management to do business


Yangzhou City Baolong Screen Printing Co., Ltd


Yangzhou Baolong Screen Printing Co., Ltd. is located in Chinese cultural city - Yangzhou city Beijiao, covers an area of 18 acres, is a senior screen printing enterprise, now has become the printing manufacturers in Jiangsu, hectograph print factory, drilling processing factory pilot. Years of operation, forming a printing based processing, sales of ink, printing supplies and printing machinery. For a long time, the company has won the trust of customers and the unanimous praise of its counterparts in line with the principle of "high quality, high efficiency, honesty and trustworthiness".

Experience tells us that technology is an important guarantee of product quality......

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